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Alister Fletcher
Died 2008
Croft Manor, England
Education 15th-year doctoral student at Oxford
Occupation Archaeologist, research assistant
Game(s) Tomb Raider Legend

Tomb Raider Underworld

Voice Greg Ellis

Alister Fletcher (often misspelled: Alastair or Alistair) is a character in Tomb Raider Legend and Tomb Raider Underworld. He is an eccentric archaeologist and conspiracy theorist who is one of Lara's supporters back home alongside with Zip and Winston.

In Tomb Raider Legend

He is first heard along with Zip at the beginning of the Bolivia level. He and Zip talk to Lara over the headset. He has just come back from a trip to Genoa, in Italy. He had originally intended to travel to Florence. Alister often sounds nervous and does not approve of Lara's more daring antics up to the point of saying that she sometimes frightens him. While he is often in contact with Lara, Alister is not heard for the first half of the Ghana level, during which he is researching on the origin of the sword fragments. Amanda Evert also cuts their communication. Alister can often be heard bickering with Zip, to whom he provides a foil.

From the official site

Alister is Lara's research assistant, providing another mind filled with arcane historical information, someone to bounce ideas off of, and provide quick additional research, while Lara's in the field. He's in this to test his theories, uncover secrets no one else can, and because it's the only place his eccentric knowledge is useful. Alister is tense and prickly, and takes himself much too seriously. [1]


Alister Fletcher is Lara's research assistant and a repository for fantastic array of detailed historical information. He confines his researches to libraries and museums, however, concentrating on understanding and explaining what has alaready been found, as opposed to Lara's search for new artifacts. He's a 15th-year doctoral student at Oxford and hasn't received his doctorate because his belief that everything is connected to everything else makes it impossible for him to draw the boundaries required to finish his dissertation.
Unlockable Biography[2]

In Tomb Raider Underworld

Alister returns in Tomb Raider Underworld as one of the characters. Alister looks very different than in Legend, but his clothes are rather similar. Unlike in Tomb Raider Legend, he is seen mostly in cutscenes and he doesn't provide as much hints and information in the course of the game.

Alister seems sceptical about the existence of the Avalon, believing that it's more of a myth. But he sees how determined Lara is on her quest to find it - and her mother and doesn't want to crush her beliefs. The more evidence Lara gets on the Avalon, the more assured Alister becomes on it's existence.


Alister is killed at the hands of Lara's Doppelganger who shoots him while Lara is on the other side of the glass surrounding the Tech Centre, unable to help. Lara and Alister have the following discussion just before he passes away:

  • Alister: I feel... bloody awful.
  • Lara: Shh... Just lie still.
  • Alister: I'll see... see you...
  • Lara: Alister, hold on!
  • Alister: ...see you... in Avalon.



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