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Tomb Raider Anniversary

Enemy Type Regular Enemy
Classification Human
Distinctiveness Killed during an interactive cutscene
Weapons Uzis

Kid is an enemy in Tomb Raider Anniversary.


A young man, obviously into hiphop culture judging by his clothing.



Jerome "The Kid" Johnson is one of Natla's henchmen.

The Kid was small-time gang leader in Los Angeles until his crew tried to carjack Jacqueline Natla's limousine. Natla's bodyguard, Kin Kade, eliminated the entire gang but spared the Kid by his employer's request. Natla needed a contact in the West Coast criminal underground and the fast-talking Kid fit the job description. The Kid holds a grudge against Kin Kade for the murder of his blood brothers, but he's just smart enough not to act on any retaliatory impulses.
In-game information

Upon reaching the entrance to the Great Pyramid, Lara finds her path blocked by Kold and Kid. Warning that they will die like Larson did if they do not get out of her way, Lara engages the two in battle. Having seemingly defeated Kold, Lara fights Kid in a shoot-out, with Kid slowly gaining the upper-hand. However, before Kid can kill Lara, Kold recovers from his injuries, and stabs Kid and hurls him across the room, angrily snarling that Lara is his to kill. Lara attempts to fend Kold off, but he grabs her by throat and pins her against a wall, raising his knife to murder Lara. Before he can, though, Kold is repeatedly shot at, and falls dead. Recovering herself, Lara turns in the direction that the bullets came from; she sees Kid, his Uzis still smoking, look toward her, before expiring from his stab wound.


Kid is not actually fought against in Tomb Raider Anniversary, he's defeated after succesfully completing an interactive cutscene.

Similar Enemies

Another one of Natla's henchmen, also defeated during an interactive cutscene
Another one of Natla's henchmen, also defeated during an interactive cutscene

See also

Kid's boss
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Further Information

During Kid's appearances in Tomb Raider Anniversary, his skateboard was removed. Toby Gard explained in the unlockable commentary that it made less sense to have him on a skateboard. [1]


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