Pages of the Ledger

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Pages of the Ledger Documents

The Pages of the Ledger is a set of Documents in Rise of the Tomb Raider.

This set contains Jacob's description of the Remnant after the Soviet occupation and how he met Alya, Sofia's mother. These are very personal documents that give a deep insight into Jacob's feelings for duty and honour.

Language Proficiency

All documents in this set are worth +15 Greek XP, except for the last one that Lara collects, which is worth +30.

Documents of the Set

There are four pages in this set:

Jacob takes great pride and responsibility in his position amongst his people...
Jacob's duties meant he was forces to isolate himself... He had to be impartial.
These are... very personal records from Jacob. I'm not sure I should be reading them...
This should have been the happiest time of Jacob's life. He's so concerned about failing his people...