Geothermal Valley

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Geothermal Valley


Country Siberia
Games Rise of the Tomb Raider
  • 1st visit:
  • 2nd visit:
  • 3rd visit:

The Geothermal Valley is a location in Rise of the Tomb Raider. It is the seventh location discovered in the game and a rather big Hub Level.

In the course of the the game Lara visits here three times: She first enters the valley coming through the Abandoned Mines and leaves for the Acropolis. Later she returns from the Flooded Archives and leaves again for her second visit of the Soviet Installation. Finally she makes a very short visit coming from the Research Base on her way to the The Orrery.


After meeting Sophia and Jacob again, Lara has finally allied herself with the Remnant and sets out to explore the valley. It is inhabited by several Remnant that have build some huts here. They seem to have lived in the Valley since the city of Kitezh has been lost to them, up until the Soviets came and forced them to labour in the mines. After they drove out the Soviets they seem to have resumed their simple live in the valley, surviving by hunting and some agriculture.

The valley provides good living conditions: The geothermal sources provide mild winters and there is a wide variety of game here, like Bunnies and Birds, as well as Deer and wild Boar.

First Visit

When Lara first visits here she is asked by the Remnant to help in the preparations for the impending Trinity attack. She agrees and finally crosses the valley up into the hills to help Jacob and his people to get rid of the soldiers. After the fight Lara sets out for the old Acropolis in order to find the Remnant that hid here.

Second Visit

Lara has to cross the Geothermal Valley in order to get to the Flooded Archives and find the Atlas that shows the location of the Divine Source. Lara has to fight her way through the Trinity soldiers that now occupy the valley up to the cathedral in order to enter the archives.

Third Visit

After finding the Atlas Lara returns to Jacob. She also meets Jonah again who has been rescued from the wilderness by the Remnant and brought here. Konstantin and his Trinity minions surprise them and take the Atlas as well as Jonah with them. Lara sets out for a rescue mission.

Challenge Tombs

There are four Challenge Tombs located in the Geothermal Valley: Catacomb of Sacred Waters, House of the Afflicted, Baths of Kitezh, and The Pit of Judgement.


There are four Missions available in the Geothermal Valley: Defensive Strategy, Surveillance Disruption, A Hearty Meal, and Ancient Secrets.


On first play-through there are three Levels that take place at this location: Warming Up, Prepare for Battle, and To the Tower. When Lara returns for the first time it is in the level Silent Night. Her final visit is in the level The Gathering.

Base Camps

There are seven Base Camps at this location: Valley Farmstead, Ruins Encampment, Cliffside Lookout, Aqueduct Ruins, Hidden Ravine, Cathedral Courtyard, and Ridgeline.