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Ostercy (J-P. Janson De Couët) is a member of the fan fiction community and has been involved in fandom since 1996.


Below is a partial timeline of this author's involvement in fandom.

1999 - First Tomb Raider story written
1999 - Fan fiction page "Ostercy's TR Fables", featuring artwork by Agnes Heyer, founded
2000 - Foundation of Dark Cafe (
2001 - Organises first official fan fiction writing competition (The First Village of Tokakeriby TR Story Competition)
2002 - The Second Village of Tokakeriby TR Story Competition
2003 - Administrator for a short time at the Village of Tokakeriby fan forum
2007 (June) - The Third Village of Tokakeriby TR Story Competition
2007 (July) - Begins a debate about the content of the GameTap TR Webcasts and about the administration of
2007 (July) - Writes "Audience" to celebrate 10 years of Tomb Raider
2008 Wrote an "autobiography" of Natla of Atlantis, 'The Atlantean Way"
2013 Sequel to "The Atalntean Way" novel called "The United States Of Atlantis".



Below is a partial list of communities, sites and mailing lists this person belonged to at some point.

The Croft Times
Kurtis Trent Estrogen Brigade
The K-Files
Planet Lara
The Village of Tokakeriby
Offical Eidos Tomb Raider Forum
Tomb Raider Movie Ring
Lara's Tomb
The Croft Codex
Tales of Power and Beauty


Tomb Raider Fables

A Tomb in the Earth;

1. Olympus Mons (1999)
2. Byzantium (2000)
3. GM (2000)
4. England, my England (2001)
5. An Icon of the Prophet (2001)
6. The Dead (2002)

Crossovers with Tim Radley;

Crocodile tears (Lara and Angel) (2002)
Plastic fantastic (Lara and Barbie) (2002)


The Streets Are Not Enough (2002)
Audience (2007)

The Atlantean Way (2008/9) (Final chapter order yet to be determined);

Footsteps On The Ocean Bed 
He Gives Birth To Swimming Horses
Dragged And Washed With Eager Hands
Angels Come To Kill Your Sons
A Glass Hand Cuts Through The Water
Those Lips Conspire In Treachery
Clouds Are Far Behind Me (set in 1945)
Munchkinland (1950's)
Dark Up The Skyway (1960's)
Lions And Tigers And Bears, Oh My! (set in 1979)
The Ocean's Near The Shore (set in 1986)
Gone Where The Goblins Go (set in 1993)
The Wicked Witch Of The West (set in 1995)

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