Abandoned Mines

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Abandoned Mines


Country Siberia
Games Rise of the Tomb Raider

The Abandoned Mines are a location in Rise of the Tomb Raider. Lara visits here when she leaves the Soviet Installation for the first time. The path through the mines lead to the Geothermal Valley. It is the sixth location discovered in the game.


Together with the base the mines were abandoned when the Soviets were driven out by the Remnant, but now Trinity has resumed the works, trying to find more treasures and possible the Divine Source itself. There are some Trinity soldiers that Lara has to get rid of inside the mines, some of them working the old equipment, some making repairs, and some - after her presence has been discovered - patrolling and trying to hunt her down.

At first Lara is accompanied by Jacob but they get separated by a rockslide, triggered by the resumed works in the mine. Lara soon discovers some ancient buildings, but a huge gateway, barred by a heavy beam, hinders her progress. After overcoming this obstacle she reaches the valley, meets Sophia - who is threatening to kill her for the second time -, and finally is reunited with Jacob who stops Sophia just in time.


On first play-through there are two Levels that take place at this location: Shortcut, and the beginning of Warming Up.

Base Camps

There is one Base Camp at this location: Pantheon Corridor.