Catacomb of Sacred Waters

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The Catacomb of Sacred Waters is a Challenge Tomb in Rise of the Tomb Raider. There is also a set of Documents by the same name that contain two scrolls found here.

Challenge Tomb

The Challenge Tomb can first be explored during the story chapter To the Tower. Near the base camp Aqueduct Ruins you will find a tree trunk that will help you across the water and into a cave which holds the Catacomb of Sacred Waters.

Document Set

Scroll from Catacomb of Sacred Waters Set

This set contains descriptions of how the followers of the Prophet treated their dead after their arrival in Siberia. it also speaks of a theft of coins in the Crypts.

Documents of the Catacomb of Sacred Waters Set

There are two scrolls in this set:

A journal from the head priest... They prepared bodies for burial in these chambers.
A letter to the city guard speaking of a theft inside the burial chambers...