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Articles for deletion (short AfD) is where you may suggest articles, categories, templates or images that should be deleted.

Reasons for deletion may be:

  • advertisement/spam/vandalism
  • unused images
  • redundant templates
  • irrelevance to the project (e.g. an article about a location Lara has never visited in either the games, the comics or the novels)
  • self-portraits (e.g. an article about a person within the Tomb Raider community that has not created a list of TRLE tools)

The ultimate decision whether an article is deleted or kept lies with the Administration (in other words tombraidergirl and Wile E. Coyote).

To suggest an article, simply add * {{Delete}} to the article. (Please also add an explanation on the talk page (discussion) of the concerned article.)

If you'd like to suggest anything else you can not add via the Delete template, please use the discussion page.