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Remark: This article describes the level Helheim in Tomb Raider Underworld. For information about the mythical location, see Helheim (location).

Tomb Raider Underworld
Section Arctic Sea Section
Level No 7.1
Secrets 28 treasures
Location Arctic
Level Chronology:
Rituals Old Helheim Yggdrasil

Helheim is the nineteenth level of Tomb Raider Underworld and the first in the Arctic Sea Section.

In the Mediterranean Sea Section Jacqueline Natla tells Lara that Helheim, the Norse underworld, is one and the same as Avalon (and the Maya underworld Xibalba). Natla claims that no one can enter it without Thor's Hammer. At one point Lara tells Zip: "Helheim, Zip. Various myths use different names, but they all apply to the same remnants of the ancient world." This melds the plots of Legend and Tomb Raider Underworld to some extent, but as a statement of mythological lore makes little or no sense.

  • Helheim - World of Hel. Here the goddess Hel, depicted as a woman on one side and a corpse on the other, presided over all souls that did not got to Valhalla after death. Judging by the ruined road and drawbridge, this site must be even more ancient than Niflheim to have been above sea level at some point. The top is heavily encased in permanent sea ice, so there may have been another, dryer way to get inside from somewhere above had Natla given me more precise coordinates, but I think I'd rather go in through the front door. [1]


Given the coordinates to Helheim by Jacqueline Natla in the Andaman Sea Section Lara sets out to the Arctic to explore the location. She uses explosives to open a hole in the ice allowing her to dive down to the sunken temple of Helheim.


  • Dive down to the temple entrance.
  • Withdraw the statues' swords from the large chains of the drawbridge.
  • Find the four Helheim Power Stones.
  • Insert them into the fitting receptacles.
  • Open the drawbridge.


Artefacts & Keys


Helheim in folklore

Hel (lower right) from an 18th century manuscript

Helheim or Helgardh according to the Icelandic Eddas is actually a palace in Niflheim for the Norse goddess, Hel. [2] Helheim is also the name of a glacier in Greenland [3]


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