Kokkos, the Astronomer

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Scroll from Crypts of the Founders Set

Kokkos, the Astronomer is a Document in Rise of the Tomb Raider. It belongs to the Crypts of the Founders set and contains descriptions of the five Founders of Kitezh and their accomplishments for the forefathers of the Remnant.

The city of Kitezh wasn't build by the Prophet alone... He draw the best and the brightest to his fold.

A prophet must have his followers. Kokkos of Nicea was one of the Prophet's first. Branded a heretic in his home city, Kokkos joined the pilgrimage north. His knowledge of the stars helped guide the way. It is said that Kokkos and the Prophet would sit for hours under the stars debating the nature of the universe and man's fraught place within it.

For the Prophet, he build the Orrery of planets and stars, so that even during the dark of winter, he might gaze upon the night sky.