Palace Midas

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Remark: This article describes the level Palace Midas in the original Tomb Raider. For information about the level in the remake, Tomb Raider Anniversary, see Greece - Midas's Palace.

Palace Midas
Tomb Raider
Section Greece Section
Level No 7
Length (*)
  • Game Time: 60 minutes

Secrets 3
Location Greece
Level Chronology:
Colosseum Palace Midas The Cistern

Palace Midas is the seventh level of the original Tomb Raider.


Part of an ancient series of puzzles designed to protect the piece of the Scion buried with Tihocan. The Palace Midas requires Lara to collect three Lead Bars, each hidden within a cunning death trap. Once these bars are collected the statue of Midas can be used to turn the bars into gold. These three gold bars allow access to the Cistern.


  • Find 3 Lead Bars
  • Convert them into golden bars
  • Use the 3 Golden Bars to open the door to The Cistern


Traps & Obstacles


Midas - was a character in Greek mythology, who is mostly recognized for his ability to turn anything he touched into gold. He was king of Pessinus, a city in Phrygia in Asia Minor, who as a child was adopted by Gordias and Cybele. He was known for being a hedonist, and an excellent rose gardener, and according to the myth, he had one son, Lityerses; but in some variations of the myth he had a daughter, Zoe, instead of a son.

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