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Remark: This article describes Crocodiles in general. For information on the priests of Sobek in Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris, see Sobek's Minions.

Crocodile tra.jpg
Classification Reptile
Weapons Jaws
Weakness Not good at climbing.

The Crocodiles (or Alligators - a distinction not made within this wiki) are enemies found throughout the Tomb Raider Games. The first time Lara encounters a crocodile is in St. Francis' Folly of the original Tomb Raider. Crocodiles are one of the few opponents that can be encountered on land and in the water. They are however limited in their ability to move from one environment to the next. The first time Lara encounters crocodiles that are able to get out of or into the water is in Tomb Raider IV The Last Revelation, where they still have to find a perfect spot to do so. In all cases they can kill Lara quite quickly, and are therefore very deadly if met in water. They can also be a big threat on land, although less so.


In the original Tomb Raider and its add-on Unfinished Business these opponents make an appearance in the Greece and Egypt Sections. As Lara has no harpoon in her gear, she needs to get out of the water and shoot them from the shore.

When Lara encounters the crocodiles in Tomb Raider, she can utilize the Harpoon Gun to kill them under water. She can also choose to leave the water and shoot them with regular pistols or another weapon.

Lara is back to carrying no harpoon, so she has to get out of the water to kill crocodiles.

As Lara has again no harpoon, she should try to catch the crocodiles from dry land. Especially in the Tomb of Tihocan part she will have to draw them out to kill them with the pistols. By draining the pool Lara can get them out of their water and make them easier to evade and kill. In Anniversary it is possible to perform the Headshot against a crocodile.

As soon as the Seasons change to rainy the ruins around the Overworld turn to rivers where crocodiles try to catch Lara and the other travellers. They can be shot from dry land, but not when swimming in deep water. These crocodiles are not to be confused with Sobek's Minions, which are sometimes also called crocodiles in the game.



Weapon Shots It Takes / Effect
Pistols 35 bullets - 18 shots (TRIV)
Shotgun (Normal Ammo) 3 (TRIV)
Shotgun (Wideshot Ammo) 3 (TRIV)
Uzis 35 bullets - 18 shots (TRIV)


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