Tomb of Tihocan

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Remark: This article describes the level Tomb of Tihocan in the original Tomb Raider. For information on the Tomb Raider Anniversary level, see Greece - Tomb of Tihocan.

Tomb of Tihocan
Tomb Raider
Section Greece Section
Level No 9
Length (*)
  • Game Time: 60 minutes

Secrets 2
Location Greece
Level Chronology:
The Cistern Tomb of Tihocan City of Khamoon

Tomb of Tihocan is the ninth level in the original Tomb Raider.


  • Find the Gold Key to continue through the Tomb
  • Find two Rusty keys to open the gate to the lower levels]
  • Open the door to the tomb
  • Kill Pierre DuPont
  • Get Tihocan's piece of the Scion
  • Get the Magnums and another Gold Key to open Tihocan's burial room


Tihocan lies here with his piece of the scion. Aside the entrance to his tomb stand two Centaurs who guard the vault from any intruders. His coffin room is decorated with a fresco depicting the tragedy of Atlantis and Tihocan's struggle to keep rule in the barren other lands.


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