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Remark: This article describes the level City of Khamoon in the original Tomb Raider. For information about the equivalent level in the remake Tomb Raider Anniversary, see Egypt - Temple of Khamoon.

City of Khamoon
Tomb Raider
Section Egypt Section
Level No 10
Length (*)
  • Game Time: 60 minutes

Secrets 3
Location Egypt
Level Chronology:
Tomb of Tihocan City of Khamoon Obelisk of Khamoon

The City of Khamoon is a level in the original Tomb Raider.

Having obtained two thirds of the Scion, Lara combines them and is immediately struck by a vision of the last days of Atlantis. Along with visions of the three Atlantean Rulers and the destruction of their civilisation, she also sees the location of the final piece of the Scion. She heads to Egypt, to a hidden canyon near the Valley of the Kings, where she finds the lost entrance to the city of Khamoon carved into the rock face. There she meets many Panther Mummies and Black Panthers in her quest to find the last piece of this ancient artefact.




Miscellaneous facts

It is interesting to speculate where the name "Khamoon" comes from. [1]

  • One possibility is that the name is a shortened form of "ankh amun" which in Egyptian means "The Living Sun God" or "The Living Amun" [2] (So, for example, Tutankhamun means "Image of the Living Sun God" [3]).
  • Another possibility is "Ka-Amun", the Ka being part of the soul in Egyptian mythology. [4]
  • The name Khamoon could contain the syllable "kha" such as in "Kha-f-Ra" [5] (Khafra), which come from the verb ḫˁi, "to rise". The name would then mean "That which rises like Amun" or maybe "Where Amun rises".
  • It is interesting (although possibly irrelevant) how close the name "Khamoon" is to Khartoum (in Sudan, ancient Kush) [6]; the meaning of "Khartoum" is not known with any certainty. This theory would place Khamoon near the Red Sea, which could be a possible location for Natla to have moored her boat in the Tomb Raider game.


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