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Water is one of the most common elements of all Tomb Raider games, and almost always plays a big part in accomplishing Lara's task. It can also serve as a trap in itself being that Lara has limited air and it can be a long way back to the surface. It can also harbour traps such as Fans and Underwater Spikes. It comes in many forms, Pools, Rivers, Seas and Waterfalls.

Sometimes the water serves as gameplay element where it needs to be redirected, drained from or let into a room.

There are also several water types that serve as traps:

Water also serves as habitat for several enemies.

Movements in Water

In water Lara performs other movements than on dry land.

Tomb Raider Classic

In knee-deep water Lara can move like on dry land. She can run, jump in all directions and crouch. The water is not deep enough to swim or dive in.

Hip-deep water will restrict Lara's movements a little. Lara will not be able to move quickly but wade through the water. She will not be able to jump into any direction, just straight up. The water is still not deep enough to swim in it. Under certain circumstances, when coming from deeper water, Lara may dive in hip-deep water. But she will get up once her feet graze the ground.

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