Egypt - Temple of Khamoon

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Egypt - Temple of Khamoon
Tomb Raider Anniversary
Section Egypt Section
Level No 9
Length (*)
  • Time Trial: 20 Minutes 30
Secrets 1 Relic, 3 Artifacts
Location Africa, Egypt
Level Chronology:
Greece - Tomb of Tihocan Egypt - Temple of Khamoon Egypt - Obelisk of Khamoon

Egypt - Temple of Khamoon is the ninth level in Tomb Raider Anniversary and the first of the Egypt Section.


Lara has travelled to Egypt to find the last piece of the Scion. Her path to it is filled with dangers, as the Cat Mummies guard the premises alongside the Black Panthers and Crocodiles. Lara must also solve puzzles and pass through hallways with special mechanics to reach futher parts of the temple.


  • Made your way to the area with two sphinxes.
  • Open an entrance to one of the sphinxes.
  • Travel through the sphinx to an area with a cat statue
  • Open the trapdoors surrounding the cat statue
  • When in the chambers underneath the cat statue, make your way to a room with four obelisks
  • Solve obelisk puzzle to open the level exit



In this level you can find one Relic and three Artifacts.

The Mummified Cat is found in the very end of the level, in the room with the turnable obelisks. Move a movable block right next to a column in the right side the level exit doors. Climb up along the cracks on the wall, jumping and moving until you can jump onto an obelisk and perch on it. Make your way to the last one and jump to grab a crack in the wall. Shimmy to the right, and you'll find a well-hidden room with the Mummified Cat and a large medipack.



First Aid


Traps & Obstacles


Obstacles, Triggers & Puzzles

Typical Scenery of the Level