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Tomb Raider Anniversary

Enemy Type Regular Enemy
Classification Human
Distinctiveness Killed during an interactive cutscene
Weapons Large combat knife

Kold is an enemy in Tomb Raider Anniversary.


A very intimidating man, carries a large combat knife.



Main article: Kold Kin Kade

Kold Kin Kade is Natla's bodyguard, who is seen in a few cutscenes.

Kin Kade is Jacqueline Natla's bodyguard. It is difficult to know what hold she has over him, because he is a brutal and vicious killer, as his criminal record shows. Kin Kade spent 15 years in jail after being apprehended by police in the middle of a vicious and disturbingly elaborate murder. He earned the name Kold in prison, where his sociopathic behavior and the unexplained deaths of several cell mates resulted in the majority of his term being spent in solitary confinement. Despite all this, his tenure in lock-up only seems to have refined his innate talents and, against fervent protests from the prison psychiatrist, he was released on parole into the custody of Jacqueline Natla.
In-game information


Kold is not actually fought against in Tomb Raider Anniversary, he's defeated after succesfully completing an interactive cutscene.

Similar Enemies

Another one of Natla's henchmen, also defeated during an interactive cutscene
Another one of Natla's henchmen, also defeated during an interactive cutscene

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