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Tr1 cowboy closeup.png
Enemy Type Regular Enemy
Classification Human
Weapons Magnums

The Cowboy, whose name is unknown, is an enemy in the original Tomb Raider.

He is encountered in the Natla's Mines level.


During the FMV cutscenes the Cowboy wears a plaided shirt, a dark vest and a dark hat. He also has a red scarf around his neck.

When the Cowboy is encountered in-game, his shirt is dark like his hat and his vest is lightly coloured. He also wears lightly coloured trousers with dual gun holsters. The Cowboy is armed with Magnums.



Not much is known about the Cowboy, not even his name. He is one of the Natla's Goons, alongside with Larson, Pierre, Skater Kid and the Bald Guy. The Cowboy steals Lara's magnums away, and to get them back he must be defeated.


The Cowboy causes quite a lot of damage with the magnums he fires. It's best to try to avoid being hit and keep firing at him as much as possible.


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The Cowboy does not appear in Tomb Raider Anniversary where he has been merged with Larson Conway's character.

There is a bug in the game: If you go into the level Natla's Mines after you've killed him, he will sometimes repeat the phrase he says before he starts shooting Lara.

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