Bald Guy

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Bald Guy
Tr1 bald guy.png
Enemy Type Regular Enemy
Classification Human
Weapons Shotgun
Weakness The slow reaction of his weapon.

The Bald Guy, whose name is unknown, is an enemy in the original Tomb Raider.

He is encountered in Natla's Mines, and he will say "say cheese" when met.


During FMV cutscenes the Bald Guy is wearing a long, brown and leather-like coat. His skin looks also significantly darker during those scenes. When encountered in-game, the Bald Guy is wearing grey-toned clothes: white or pale grey shirt with long sleeves, trousers of darker grey colour and accompanied with a bullet belt. He has got dark grey coloured boots.

The Bald Guy is armed with a shotgun, which was taken away from Lara.



Not much is known about the Bald Guy, not even his name. He is one of the Natla's Goons, alongside with Larson, Pierre, Skater Kid and the Cowboy. The Bald Guy steals Lara's shotgun away, and to get it back he must be defeated.


The Bald Guy is a rather powerful enemy with his shotgun, which causes quite a lot of damage. Keep moving and avoiding shotgun fire while shooting at him. The pistols aren't very effective against the Bald Guy, so if possible, try to shoot him with another weapon. But if you've got no choice, the pistols will suffice.


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This character does not appear in Tomb Raider Anniversary. He, along with the Cowboy have been replaced by a single character called Kold Kin Kade.

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