Legless Mutant

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Legless Mutant
Enemy Type Sub Boss
Classification Monster, Mutant
Distinctiveness TR: Can be killed normally.
TRA: Cannot be killed normally, needs to be thrown over the edge.
Weapons TR: strength and stamina
TRA: strength, stamina, both arms, butt, swallow-attack
Weakness TR: General torso.
TRA: Hands and Head.

Legless Mutant (also Abomination or Torso Boss) is an enemy in the original Tomb Raider and in its remake Tomb Raider Anniversary.

The Legless Mutant is the final outcome of Natla's genetic engineering experiments. It is born from a large egg atop a platform at the top of the enormous main chamber of the Atlantean Pyramid. It hatched after Natla placed the Scion in its altar in the throne room facing the Legless Mutant.


The appearance of the Legless Mutant varies a bit in Tomb Raider and in Tomb Raider Anniversary, but its general appearance is still the same on both versions: a huge, fleshy, legless torso of a monster with arms and head.

In Tomb Raider

The creature is enormous, with a rib cage, two arms and a small head atop its body. It moves by dragging itself along, making it slow and cumbersome. However, this is more than made up for by its strength and stamina. It is easily capable of killing Lara by grabbing her and smashing her into the floor, or by pushing her off the side of the ledge resulting in a fall down the entire main chamber to a magma pit at the bottom. Lara eventually defeats the creature by simple gunfire and it explodes, scattering its body parts throughout the chamber.

In Tomb Raider Anniversary

The mutant remains the same body wise. Extra features involve the ability to charge at Lara, a result of when it's rage counter is full from gunfire that Lara gives off. It can hang off the platform should it stumble over the edge. It may also grab and eat Lara whole, she can escape the stomach via excessive gunfire. To defeat it Lara must destroy its hand and enrage it so that it tumbles over the edge. As it hangs by one hand, gunfire must be produced so that it looses it's grip and falls into the magma pit below.



The strategy for defeating the Legless Mutant varies slightly in Tomb Raider and Tomb Raider Anniversary.

In Tomb Raider

In the original Tomb Raider the Legless Mutant can be defeated by shooting with the regular weapons. However, one must be very careful for not to fall over the edges of the platform there the battle takes place.

In Tomb Raider Anniversary

In Tomb Raider Anniversary you have to defeat the Legless Mutant by performing the adrenaline dodge and shooting its hand. Wait until the Legless Mutant charges you, and is hanging over the lava by its hand. Shoot the hand until it is destroyed. Once again make the Legless Mutant charge at you, perform the adrenaline dodge and then the it will tumble over the edge and fall into the lava.


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