Natla's Mines

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Natla's Mines
Tomb Raider
Section Atlantis Section
Level No 13
Length (*)
  • First Time: 100 minutes
Secrets 3
Location Atlantis
Level Chronology:
Sanctuary of the Scion Natla's Mines Atlantis

Natla's Mines is the thirteenth level in the original Tomb Raider.

After Lara escapes from the lost City of Khamoon, she is ambushed by Natla and three of her thugs. They steal the completed Scion and all of her weapons, but Lara manages to escape before they kill her. She races back to her bike and manages to catch up with Natla, who is leaving aboard her luxury boat. Lara manages to stow away on the boat, but, exhausted, she falls asleep and awakes at Natla's mining facility. Still weaponless, she enters the mines.





Using Natla Technologies as a cover, this is Natla's extensive mining site whose real purpose is to uncover the Great Pyramid of Atlantis.

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