Larson Conway

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Larson Conway
Died 1996
Egypt (in Tomb Raider)

Lost Island
(in Tomb Raider Anniversary)

Nationality American
Occupation Private mercenary
Game(s) Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider Chronicles
Tomb Raider Anniversary

Voice Dave Wittenberg

(in Tomb Raider Anniversary)

Larson Conway is a character making his appearances in the original Tomb Raider, the remake Tomb Raider Anniversary and Tomb Raider Chronicles. He did not have a surname in Tomb Raider and Tomb Raider Chronicles, this was given to him for Tomb Raider Anniversary.

The name Larson, coupled with the character's blond hair, suggests Scandinavian heritage, although Larson himself speaks with a Texan accent. He is portrayed as being something of a halfwit, which Pierre attributes to the fact that Larson was "kicked in the head by a horse" at some point in his life.[1]


Not much is revealed about Larson Conway's life, but the unlockable biography in Tomb Raider Anniversary reveals some details about his past.

Before Tomb Raider Chronicles

According to the Anniversary biography, Larson was a former Lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps, having served several years in Special Operations. His career as a Marine ended abruptly when he was dishonourably discharged after he had a violent disagreement with a commanding officer, the details of which were never made public. After serving time in a military prison, Larson used his military experience to good effect, serving as a freelance Private Military Contractor and gaining a favourable reputation across the globe.[2]

Tomb Raider Chronicles

(Events occurred before 1996)

In Tomb Raider Chronicles, Larson appears in the first two levels of Rome, the first story of the game. Larson is working with Pierre DuPont to gain possession of an artefact that Lara is also in pursuit of - the Philosopher's Stone. If they are working for private gain or if they are working for someone else is never stated.

Larson appears in the pre-story FMV, and also four cut scenes; two in Streets of Rome and two in Trajan's Markets. As well as this, Larson is included as an in-game enemy once. Although Lara has quite a few shots at killing him, Larson is finally finished off - at least for this game - after being tossed about by the Serpent Gargoyles.

He obviously survived this attack as he made his return in the original Tomb Raider where we met him for the first time but which was chronologically placed after the Rome events in the Tomb Raider time line. [3]

Tomb Raider

(Events occurred in 1996)

Larson eventually accepted a contract with Jacqueline Natla's company, Natla Technologies. After the initial meeting with Lara in Calcutta at the start of the game, Larson appears in Tomb Of Qualopec, both as an in-game enemy, and in the post-level cut scene. After a brief exchange between the two (concerning the Scion and the whereabouts of Pierre DuPont), Larson is knocked unconscious by Lara when he makes a grab for his gun.

Later, he is met in Egypt, in the Sanctuary of the Scion, where he is fought against and shot to dead by Lara, or as Jacqueline Natla says, "left sucking wind."[4]

Tomb Raider Anniversary

(Events occurred in 1996)

In the remake of the original Tomb Raider, in Tomb Raider Anniversary the events are pretty much the same. Larson Conway is yet again met in the Imperial Hotel in Calcutta in the beginning of Lara's quest for the Scion.

As Lara exits the Tomb of Qualopec, she meets Larson Conway again. They talk about the Scion and the whereabouts of Pierre DuPont), and Larson is knocked out by Lara when he makes a grab for his gun.

In an Interactive Cutscene in the end of the level Lost Island - Natla's Mines the third and final appearance of Larson is seen. He is shot three times by Lara, because he tried to stop her from destroying Natla.

Unlockable Biography

Larson Conway's biography can be unlocked in Tomb Raider Anniversary by collecting nine artifacts.

Larson is a former United States Marine Lieutenant with seven years Special Ops experience. He was given a dishonorable discharge after a violent disagreement with his commanding officer--the nature of which was never made public. Following his release from military prison, Larson put his military expertise to good use, forging an admirable reputation with private mercenary forces around the world. Recently he has taken a contract with Natla Technologies and that has brought him face to face with an old adversary from his past, Lara Croft.
Unlockable Biography[5]


In Tomb Raider, Larson wears a red shirt, blue jeans and brown boots. He also wears a unbuttoned brown vest in the first FMV. His weapon is a handgun with a lasersight attached.

In Chronicles Larson appears in the same outfit as he wore in the first Tomb Raider, including the vest. His weapon is a Revolver. Both Larson and Pierre are portrayed as a lot more comical in their second Tomb Raider appearance.

In Tomb Raider Anniversary he is wearing a dark-blue shirt instead of his red one we know from the other games. He does not use a handgun or revolver this time around, instead using a Shotgun and his bare hands.


Larson Conway's enemy seems to be the one and only Lara Croft, who is described as an "old adversary from his past."[6]

As Opponent

Main article: Larson

Defeating Larson Conway in Tomb Raider and Tomb Raider Chronicles doesn't require anything special, just running around and shooting at him does the trick. One can also take him out from a safe distance, if there's a safe spot available.

In Tomb Raider Anniversary, Larson Conway is never really fought against, just like Pierre DuPont. He is defeated in Interactive Cutscenes.

See also

Employer of Larson Conway in Tomb Raider and Tomb Raider Anniversary
Another one of Natla's henchmen in Tomb Raider and Tomb Raider Anniversary, pursues the Philosopher's Stone with Larson Conway in Tomb Raider Chronicles



  • Larson was the first character ever to speak in a Tomb Raider game.
  • For Tomb Raider Anniversary, Larson and the Cowboy were merged into one character.


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