Unfinished Business

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Unfinished Business
Tomb Raider Gold
Release Date March 1998 (DOS PC)
Platforms PC, Mac
Levels 4
Secrets 10
Developer Core Design
Publisher Eidos Interactive
Rating ESRB: Teen
Parent Game:
Tomb Raider I
Game Chronology:
Tomb Raider I Unfinished Business Tomb Raider II

Tomb Raider - Unfinished Business is an expansion of Tomb Raider, consisting of four bonus levels. The first three Tomb Raider games included add-on adventures which were released at a later date as an expansion of the Tomb Raider game it complemented.

Relase Dates


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Note: Original release date can no longer be ascertained as of writing of this article (2016). Release must be before 9. July 1998, as it was already downloadable from the Core Design webpage on this date.[1]
Note: First verifiable mention is March 2000.[2]
Note: This version may not run on newer Mac OS X versions (Lion or newer) that dropped compatibility with programs written for the original Mac (Power PC).
Included in the Tomb Raider download
Included in the Tomb Raider download

Note: There were several re-releases in varying formats for PC and Mac later on


Shadow of the Cat: After recent floods in Khamoon, Lara returns to the local tomb to make further studies of the mysterious cat statue. When she returned, she saw that the main chamber was completely flooded - making more areas accesible and opening new opportunities for exploration. Lara explores new areas of the city and eventually uncovers the existence of a temple dedicated to the cat-goddess Bast, which houses a huge golden cat statue.

Unfinished Business: Once satisfied with her raiding, Lara heads back to the remains of Atlantis. Her goal is to finish off the last survivors of the Atlantean army and destroy a well-defended mutant hatchery, so that they may never trouble mankind again. After accomplishing this, she leaves Atlantis through an underwater tunnel. She hasn't returned to Atlantis since.


Return to the City of Khamoon to discover the secret of the strange cat statue. Take Lara back to Atlantis to explore a ruined segment of the ancient city and embark on an all new adventure!


The mysteries in the Temple of Cat.

The vast ruins of the Atlantean Stronghold.


The gameplay is identical to Tomb Raider except you can walk through spikes if you hold the walk button. The weapons and moves Lara uses are the same. Unfinished Business is not a separate adventure like The Golden Mask, but rather a complementary adventure to Tomb Raider since it has more links to the game. The levels and the purpose of the adventure itself is linked to the story of Tomb Raider.

The Atlantean Stronghold level is actually intended to be a direct sequel to The Great Pyramid - at the start Lara is sliding down the same slope as she did at the very end of the Pyramid.

The level designers recommend that players cheat-skip the first two levels and play the next two starting only with the pistols and no ammo (so that they can be a real challenge even for seasoned players).

Game Elements


There are no other characters in this adventure other than Lara Croft herself.




  • Designers
Toby Gard and Phil Campbell
  • Additional textures
Rebecca Shearin
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