Rivkah, the Architect

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Scroll from Crypts of the Founders Set

Rivkah, the Architect is a Document in Rise of the Tomb Raider. It belongs to the Crypts of the Founders set and contains descriptions of the five Founders of Kitezh and their accomplishments for the forefathers of the Remnant.

A great City needs a great architect... and the Prophet found his among the Rus...

Rivkah joined the Prophet because her husband, a Rus nobleman, was a believer. When he died on the journey north, she stayed with the Prophet, pondering what her place was amongst the believers.

When she saw the valley, she knew she had found her purpose. She dreamed what Kitezh could be. She laid those dreams out to be build. It is because of Rivkah that Kitezh became not just beautiful, but livable.