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The Story of the original Tomb Raider revolves around Lara's hunt for the Atlantean Scion.

Calcutta, India

  • Larson: What's a man got to do to get that kinda attention from ya?
  • Lara: It's hard to say, exactly, but you seem to be doing fine.
  • Larson: Well, great. Though, truth is, it ain't me that wants ya.
  • Lara: No?
  • Larson: No. Miss Jacqueline Natla does, from Natla Technologies.You know, creator of all things bright and beautiful [he laughs]

[Natla appears on the screen of a laptop]

  • Natla: Seal it, Larson.
  • Larson: Ma'am...

[the screen shows money falling down]

  • Natla: Feast your eyes on this, Lara. How does that make your wallet rumble?
  • Lara: I'm sorry. I only play for sport.
  • Natla: Then you'll like a big park- Peru. Vast mountain ranges to cover. Sheer walls of ice, rocky crag, savage winds. And there's this little trinket – an age old artefact of mystical powers buried in the unfound tomb of Qualopec. That's my interest. You could leave tomorrow. Are you busy tomorrow?



  • Lara: Well you have my total attention now, I'm not quite sure if I've got yours though. Hello?
  • Larson: You and that drivelling piece of the Scion. You want to keep it so bad, I'll harness it right up yer...
  • Lara: Wait. We're talking about the artefact here?
  • Larson: Damn straight, we are. Right up...
  • Lara: Hold on. I'm sorry. This piece you say...where's the rest?
  • Larson: Miss Natla put Pierre DuPont on that trail.
  • Lara: And where is that?
  • Larson: Hah, you ain't fast enough for him.
  • Lara: So you think all this talking is just holding me up?
  • Larson: I don't know where his little jack-rabbit frog legs are running him to. You'll have to ask Miss Natla.

He tries to reach for his gun and Lara knocks him out with a kick]

  • Lara: Thank you. I will.

Natla Industries' Headquarter

  • Lara: Relocated now to St. Francis' Folly, new temptations torment me. (her voice is changed to a Monk's voice speaking)
  • Monk: Rumour amongst my fellow brothers is that entombed beneath our monastery is the body of Tihocan, one of the three legendary rulers of the lost continent, Atlantis......and that with him lies his piece of the Atlantean Scion. The pendant divided and shared between the three rulers......which curbs tremendous powers. Power beyond the creator himself. My toes sweat at such possibilities lying so close to my mortal soul. Each night I beat myself rid of these fantasies, but it is indeed a test.

Greece, St. Francis

  • Lara: Pierre. (Tsk) You litterbug.


  • Kold/Bald Guy: You just pulled the tough end of a wishbone.
  • Cowboy: Howdy.
  • Lara: (politely) Afternoon.
  • Natla: Left Larson sucking wind then, eh?
  • Lara: If that is the phrase.
  • Natla: Well, your little vacation riot’s over now. Time to give back what you’ve hijacked off me.
  • Lara: Ow!
  • Kold/Bald Guy: Let’s try the lunchbox.
  • Natla: Well? Kill her!
  • Cowboy: Hey!
  • Natla: You morons!
  • Natla: Let’s go.
  • Kold/Bald Guy: What the heck was that?
  • Kid: What?
  • Kold/Bald Guy: That.
  • Kid: Probably just a fish.
  • Kold/Bald Guy: That’s some fish, kid.
  • Kid: Man, you have got to learn to chill. I’m going back inside. You coming?
  • Kid: Steady. Here she goes.
  • Natla: You ready yet?


  • Natla: (screams) You can’t do this!
  • Qualopec: We condemn you, Natla of Atlantis, for your crimes. For your flagrant misuse of your powers and for robbing us of our…
  • Natla: You can’t! I…
  • Qualopec: Breaking the free bond of consent that our people are ruled and secured under, and invading Tihocan and myself with our own army. Our warriors emptied from our pyramid so that you could use the pyramid – its powers of creation – for your own mindless destruction.
  • Natla: Mindless!? Look at you! Neither of you have one squirt of inventive juice in your heads. Wasters!
  • Qualopec: (turns to Tihocan) Let’s just do it.
  • Natla: (pleads) Tihocan!
  • Tihocan: You used the sacramental place as a source for your individual pleasure, as some freak factory.
  • Natla: They’re survivalists. A new generation.
  • Tihocan: A slaughter heap now. And you. We’re going to lock you in limbo. Make your veins, heart, feet, and that diseased brain stick solid with frozen blood. Greet your eternal rest, Natla.
  • Natla: You won’t rest either, or your damned continent of Atlantis!


  • Natla: Back again?
  • Lara: And you? For a grand re-opening I assume.
  • Natla: Evolution's in a rut. Natural selection in an all time low. Shipping out fresh meat will incite territorial rages again…will strengthen and advance us. Even create new breeds.
  • Lara: Kind of evolution on steroids then.
  • Natla: A kick in the pants. Those runts Qualopec and Tihocan had no idea. The cataclysm of Atlantis struck a race of langering wimps. Plummeted them to the very basics of survival again.. it shouldn’t happen like that.
  • Lara: Or like this
  • Voice: Hatching commences in 15 seconds.
  • Natla: To late for abortions now.
  • Lara: Not without the heart of the operation.

[Lara holds her gun up to the Scion]

  • Natla: No!!!!

[She jumps at Lara and they fall off the ledge and Natla falls into the lava pit below while Lara grabbed onto the edge blow and pulls herself up]

  • Voice: 10....5,4,3,2,1....