Tomb of Qualopec

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Remark: This article describes the level Tomb of Qualopec in the original Tomb Raider. For information about the level in Tomb Raider Anniversary, see Peru - Tomb of Qualopec.

Tomb of Qualopec
Tomb Raider
Section Peru Section
Level No 4
Length (*)
  • Game Time: 15 minutes

Secrets 3
Location South America, Peru
Level Chronology:
Lost Valley Tomb of Qualopec St. Francis' Folly

Tomb of Qualopec is the fourth level of the original Tomb Raider, and the last level of the Peru section.


Having raised the old Incan dam, Lara now enters the tomb of Qualopec. She pulls three switches, each protected by a series of deadly traps, and opens the three gates to Qualopec's burial chamber. In it she finds the Atlantean ruler still sat in his throne, his two guards mummified beside him. On a pedestal in the centre of the room lies the piece of the Scion that Lara has been searching for.

Removing the Scion releases the final trap as the tomb begins to fall apart around her. Avoiding the falling debris, Lara races back to the Lost Valley where she finds that Larson has been sent after her to steal her piece of the Scion. He attacks her, but Lara manages to overcome him. Bitterly, he reveals that there are other sections of the Scion and that Pierre DuPont has been sent after them. Larson makes a futile attempt to recover his weapon, but Lara has the upper hand, kicking him unconscious. She leaves him there and heads for Natla's headquarters.

End Cutscene

Lara has wounded Larson badly, resulting in him losing his gun. Lara points Larson with her pistol, ready to shoot if he tries anything.

  • Lara: Well, you have my total attention now. I'm not sure if I've got yours though. Hello?
  • Larson: I'll heel and had you to a barn door, yet!
  • Lara: Of course.
  • Larson: You and that drivlin' piece of the Scion. You want to keep it so bad I'll harness it right up your...
  • Lara: Wait. We're talking about the artefact here?
  • Larson: Damn straight we are! Right up your...
  • Lara: Hold on! I'm sorry. This piece you say... Where's the rest?
  • Larson: Miss Natla put Pierre DuPont on that trail.
  • Lara: And where is that?
  • Larson: Hah! You ain't fast enough for him.
  • Lara: So, you think all this talking is just holding me up?
  • Larson: I don't know where his little jackrabbit froglegs are running him to. You'll have to ask Miss Natla.

Larson makes a daring attempt to grab his gun, but Lara stops him with a well-timed kick. Larson grunts, falling to the ground unconscious.

  • Lara: Thank you. I will.


  • Open the three gates
  • Take Qualopec's piece of the Scion
  • Escape the tomb and stop Larson from killing you



In this level you can find three Secrets.

Artefacts & Keys



  • Shotgun (if not found in the previous level)


First Aid


Traps & Obstacles


Obstacles, Triggers & Puzzles


This is the burial site of the ancient Atlantean ruler, Qualopec. When tragedy befell Atlantis, Qualopec took his people to Peru in South America and tried to rebuild his civilisation there. When he died, he was buried beneath the city of Vilcabamba, protected by his mummified personal guard and a variety of traps.

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