Valentinus, the Time Keeper

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Scroll from Crypts of the Founders Set

Valentinus, the Time Keeper is a Document in Rise of the Tomb Raider. It belongs to the Crypts of the Founders set and contains descriptions of the five Founders of Kitezh and their accomplishments for the forefathers of the Remnant.

Kitezh was home to artists, philosophers, and more. Who knows what it might have become...

After the city was build, the first generation of followers stared upon it. One among them, a man named Valentinus, had spent his whole life devoted to the study of time and its passage. The Prophet sought him out in the crowd and asked him what he thought of the city. Valentinus said he felt it was a blessed place. That time would move slowly there and the Kitezh would last for generations untold.

The Prophet smiled for he knew that he had made a home where his people might be safe.