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Vicky Arnold was the script writer for the first three Tomb Raider games.

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Quotes from the above article;

  • Vicky Arnold writes in her correspondence with Brian (Chew) [4], "Finishing schools are very bizarre, archaic institutions. The Swiss have always been renowned for ones that the British aristocracy would send their daughters to. They are more about teaching 'young women' how to fit in in society - rather like a transitional place between being a daughter and a wife. I'm not sure that much actual intellectual learning is really the idea - any books they have there are undoubtedly used for balancing on one's head! I think I once let Lara credit the fact that she fits so much into such a tiny rucksack to her 'efficient overnight packing' syllabus."
  • "Seeing as Lara was trying to escape the fusty upper-class society she was brought up in and was enjoying her new found freedom, I have always reckoned it's more in keeping that she didn't actually enter full time university education at Oxford or anything, but did something less refined like an 'open university' course - [a kind of TV run system whereby you watch appropriate programmes and do your course by correspondence with a few weeks residential lecturing.] Probably doing an anthropology course, Lara would undoubtedly have posted her work in straight from the field. Cambridge and Oxford are the two most prestigious universities in England so I reckon Lara would've gone to one of these for the residential part and I would imagine that, with her undoubtedly very interesting project work, she could quite plausibly have formed a few friendships with some of the old cronie lecturers and librarians. I know a lot of people in magazines have labelled her as a genuine 'archaeologist' and somehow think she would've undertaken heavy studying at Oxford/Cambridge, but that's never been the idea."
  • "... I like to think that while Lara's parents have disowned her, she has/had a couple of benevolent aunties who keep a look out for her. Aunties are always stereotypically the slightly insane and most liberal thinking relatives (never met any myself but...). One of them (a great-aunty in fact), left Lara the mansion -- while the other helps expand Lara's mind a but more. Unfortunately, her vicious little Corgi doesn't like Lara's company..."
  • "When home in England, Miss Croft lives in a mansion in Surrey, which she inherited from a great aunt who had become her benefactor when her parents withdrew their support from her. At one time she saw little use for the mansion but now realises that, if nothing else, it is at least handy for storing all the artifacts she has acquired on her travels. Along with the mansion, Miss Croft inherited her great aunt's butler, Winston."