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A Disambiguation page is a page which has no actual content. It is here to help resolve conflicts when two or more items share the same name.


A disambiguation page should have the following layout:

  • 1 Intro Sentence
  • 2 Disambiguation template {{disambig}}
  • 3 List of articles that share the name
  • 4 List of articles that are related
  • 5 Gallery
  • 6 Categories

Note 1: Disambiguation pages should not have a single item at the top, as this sends the message that the shown image represents the article. A disambiguation however is not an article and stands for several items of the same name, not just the one which would be presented in such an image. (Plus: It would disturb the layout.)

Note 2: Please do not add the {{disambig}} template to articles which are no real disambiguations. A disambiguation page is needed, when a term is ambiguous, when it could represent two articles. It is not needed when we have a parent name for clearly named items.

Is a Disambiguation Page: Alex, there are two distinct characters in the Tomb Raider Multiverse using the first name Alex, thus we have a typical disambiguation page.
Is NOT a Disambiguation Page: Kanpo Herbs (Kanpo Herbs is used as a term within the games, thus making it a real article, Yagen, Medicinal Herb Vial and Dried Gobo Root are not alternative names as such, they are "children"),
Grey Area: Birds, strictly speaking not a disambiguation (same as Kanpo Herbs), but could be seen as one


See the following example pages on how it should work:

List with descriptions.
List with description and gallery.
List with descriptions and gallery, with related articles.
A typical grey area disambiguation.