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Links will allow readers to jump from one page to another. They may also point to an external web page.

Please also note the WikiRaider:Linkrules.

Internal Links

Internal links should be set where keywords are used. If you are unsure if a word is a keyword, please search the wiki. When deciding where to put a link, ask yourself to which topic you might want to jump from where you are.

To get an internal link either mark the keyword and press the third button: or manually insert double square brackets [[ at the start and ]] at the end of the word.


  • [[Lara Croft]]
  • [[Tomb Raider Legend]]

If the word you want to link differs a little from the target article this can be fixed as follows:

  • [[Lara Croft]]'s

If you want to link a certain article but in the text you use another word for it, this can be done as follows:

  • [[Tomb Raider Anniversary|the latest installment]]
  • [[Lara Croft|Lara]]

Interwiki Links

Interwiki Links are those between Wikis, in our case links between and These do not have to be (and should not be) external links. They should be set up as follows:

Example (Lara Croft):

  • [[:de:Lara Croft|Lara Croft]] (to be used in the English Wiki to link to an article in the German wiki)
  • [[:en:Lara Croft|Lara Croft]] (to be used in the German Wiki to link the English one - do not use this form in the wiki you are currently in, use internal links instead!)

If you want to set an In other languages-link, to the German wiki, in the page menu, you simply need to add the following line to the article once (preferably at the very end!):

  • [[de:Lara Croft]]

Besides the links between the English and the German Wiki we have shortcut links to / .de and prepared for interwiki linking:

  • [[:trgcom:name of the folder and site without php ending|Link Title]] for the English site
  • [[:trgde:name of the folder and site without php ending|Link Title]] for the German site
  • [[:subforum:forumid|Link Title]] for a subforum on
  • [[:thread:threadid|Link Title]] for a thread on

External Links

To set an external link (please also note the WikiRaider:Linkrules as we do not accept random linking of fan sites) the link should look like this:

  • [ link name]

They should generally added at the end of the content of the page.