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Naming conventions are a list of guidelines on how to select and appropriate name for a new article.

As sources for the names we use the following (in this order):

  1. games
  2. movies
  3. comics
  4. novels
  5. official website
  6. official books (like strategy guides)

(We do not use fansites as source unless there is no other alternative. But please check out the more common walkthrough sites to find alternative names for redirects!)

Please note that when determining the correct name:

  • source 1 overrules 2, 3...
  • source 2 overrules 3, 4...

They are considered independently when determining whether Rules 2 and 3 apply.

The following rules apply in this order:

1st Rule

If the "item" is mentioned in sources 1-4 you should use the exact writing given there (keeping upper-case and lower-case characters as well as spaces as they are). If it is not found in 1-4, check out 5, and if it is not found there either, check out 6. After that use common sense or make an enquiry in our forum.


2nd Rule

If an "item" named in the sources 1-4 is mentioned in several places within "one source" (e.g. different games) and written differently, the majority wins. (Please note that Rule 2 does not apply for levels of different games!! Rule 2 also does not apply for sources 5 or 6.)


3rd Rule

If no majority is found in sources 1-4 e.g. the ammo for the Uzi was called Uzi Clips twice but also Uzi Ammo twice - this is not necessarily the case, it is just an example - pick the one that was there first. (Please note that Rule 3 does not apply for levels of different games!! Rule 3 also does not apply for sources 5 or 6.)

4th Rule

More than one article makes sense when:

  • an item that existed earlier suddenly changes considerably (e.g. when the Shotgun Ammo became Shotgun Normal Ammo and Shotgun Wideshot Ammo - this is worth 3 separate articles; or single Bats in several games or Flock of Bats in TR5 - this is worth two articles.)
  • it is concerning a location and a level (e.g. Angkor Wat - level in TR4 and Angkor - Temple in Cambodia)
  • it is concerning 2+ different levels of 2+ different games. E.g. The Great Pyramid: This level name is used three times in TR, TR4 and TRA. Unfortunately the ones in TR and TR4 used the exact same name, it is therefore used for the one that's been there first and the other one gets a slightly modified name: The Great Pyramid - level in TR1 and The Great Pyramid (TR4) - level in TR4. The Level in TRA is fully called Lost Island - The Great Pyramid which can remain as it is because it causes no conflict with the others. (All in all we get three articles for three levels.)

5th Rule

Use the plural form of baddies that do not appear alone (like the T-Rex or the Dragon):


6th Rule (character names)

Character names should consist of the following:

  • Given Name
  • Family Name

leave out the title for the article name, but set a redirect for the name with title.

e.g. Lord Richard Croft

  • Use "Richard Croft" for the article
  • Redirect Lord Richard Croft (as well as Lord Croft and other alternatives) to it.