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Besides the WikiRaider: Rules listed here, you should also check out WikiRaider:Common Mistakes.


1. Don't copy material from other websites than official sites (Eidos,, topcow...) or Especially no images that contain watermarks.

2. Never remove "dead", red links, especially those in articles by administrators, there are reasons why they are there. Either fill the page, set a redirect or leave it alone.

3. Never delete entries from other people. (If they need to be changed, copy old text to discussion page and tell us why you think it's wrong and add the next text you think is right.) If you really think the full article is wrong, make a note on the discussion page, a Moderator will delete it then.

4. If possible use 4:3 ratio images (eg. 800*600; 640*480....) Please resize all images used to either 150 or 113 in width (depending on the format)

5. Never edit any of the tables without speaking to the moderators in the Support-Forum. They have been carefully thought through and there is a reason for every item in it, and a lot of information has been left out deliberately.

6. Use Templates for texts that are longer than 5 words and always the same. Templates are set by {{templatename}} in the text and can be edited if you enter: in the address line of your browser.

7. A lot of names (levelnames, names of opponents...) might not be clear (while one calls the first Tomb Raider Level Caves, someone else might call it Cave, the Caves...). Names in WikiRaider however have to be perfect. Please follow the following guidelines.

  • Use the EXACT name from the game (check inventory or savegame list) /comic /novel....
  • If not given use the exact name from the official sites.

Redirect all other notations to the one picked at the "right" one.

8. Short articles should have the template: {{more}}. Articles that seem to be full of errors or have the wrong name (according to 7) should have the template: {{def}}

9. The templates more and def should not be removed by you, leave it to a moderator!

10. Do not move articles around. If you want to propose a relocation, please leave a comment on the corresponding talk page. Moving articles without the necessary precautions will produce linking errors.