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Country Japan
Games Tomb Raider (2013)

Yamatai, sometimes spelled Yamati, is a location Lara visits both in the First Reboot Game as well as in the First Reboot Movie. The latter is based in large parts on the first.

Tomb Raider (2013)

The entire game is set on this mysterious island in the Dragon's Triangle, off the coast of Japan. Its approximate location is UTM 3415999 53N 712406 (N 5°41.915' E 160°28.436').[1]

When the research vessel Endurance, under the command of Captain Conrad Roth, explores the area in search of the Lost Fleet of Kublai Khan, Lara suggests to explore a temple on Yamati built for the shaman queen Himiko. The Endurance is hit by a storm and the crew is stranded on the island. As Lara later learns it is not uncommon for storms to appear the exact moment a ship or plane approaches the island. [2]



There are 42 different relics on the island; a list can be found in the Relics (Tomb Raider 2013) article.

Historical Precedent

The kingdom of Yamatai-koko (Japanese 邪馬台国) was an ancient Japanese country of the Yayoi period. It's shaman queen Himiko (died c. 248 AD) supposedly ruled it some time around the 2nd century.[3]



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