Introducing Natla

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Imperial Hotel

Introducing Natla is a Cinematic in Tomb Raider Anniversary.

This movie clip shows Lara Croft in 1996, sitting in the lobby of the Imperial Hotel in Calcutta, India reading her fathers diary. Larson Conway enters and places a magazine on the table. The headline reads Croft bags... Bigfoot?.

  • Larson: What's a man got to do to get that sort of attention from you?
  • Lara: If that's the sort of attention you want, Larson, you're well on your way.
  • Larson: Sounds like fun, but I'm only here to make an introduction.

Larson places a large hand-held device on the table on which a blonde woman appears.

  • Larson: Lara Croft, meet Jacqueline Natla, of Natla Technologies.
  • Natla: Good afternoon, Miss Croft. My research department has recently turned its focus to the study of ancient artifacts. And I'm led to believe that, with the right incentive, you're just the woman to find them for me.
  • Lara: I'm afraid you've been misled. I only play for sport.
  • Natla: Which is precisely why I've come to you, Miss Croft. This is a game you've played before; with your Father. You both spent years searching for the Scion of Atlantis. All you needed was the location of Qualopec's Tomb.
  • Lara: You've found Vilcabamba?
  • Natla: How quickly can you get to Peru?