Natla's Ship

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Natla's cargo ship rests on the water of the Mediterranean Sea. After acquiring Thor's Gauntlet, a mercenary knocks Lara cold and retreats back to the ship with the artifact. Lara follows him there and kills the other mercenaries coming after her. She heads to the cargo hold and finds Natla, sealed in a cryogenic chamber. After a confrontation, Natla and Amanda Evert escape, but not before Lara gets Thor's Gauntlet back.

The ship goes up in flames and sinks to the bottom of the Mediterranean just as Lara escapes. The ship is only explorable in the Mediterranean level and does not count as a 'vehicle' since it cannot be driven or used.

Later in the game, Zip said that the ship had a sister and was on the coast of Thailand. Lara visits the sister ship to find Natla once again. This proves successful as she locates and releases Natla and followers her to the entrance of Helheim.