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Here you can see how the Article Layout in WikiRaider should be:

Please note that Disambiguation pages should look differently.


  • IF the article could be confused with a disambiguation page or another article, add the following first:
{{Remark| | | | | | |}}
Note: This is not for disambiguation pages that mainly consist of link lists! Only for pages with content.

Infobox or Image

  • An article should begin with an Infobox or at least an Image if available.
  • 1 Infobox' Templates can be found here: Samples
  • 2 Images should use the following code, where File.png is replaced by the file name and alt text is replaced by the title of the article:
[[File:File.png|225px|thumb|right|alt text]]
If you don't have an image, but it is possible to get one (e.g. the item is not from a novel), add: {{image}} instead

Introduction Line

  • Then you should write an Introduction Line containing the keyword (name of the article) in bold and putting it into context.
Example: The '''Pharos Knot''' is an [[artefact]] appearing in [[The Last Revelation]].

Creating a Relation to Other Articles

  • The next few sentences should put the article in relation to others.
Example: It is needed alongside the [[Pharos Pillar]] to gain access to [[Pharos, Temple of Isis]]. The Pharos Knot is found in the level [[Hall of Demetrius]].
In this example the item Pharos Knot is set in relation to two levels (where it is found and used) and another item that is connected with it.

Disambiguation Template

  • IF we are dealing with a disambiguation page, add the {{disambig}} Template right at this point. After the introduction and before the link list.

Link List

  • IF the article is a disambiguation page, begin with a list of all articles it stands for:
* [[Adrenaline Dodge]]
: An evasive movement in [[Tomb Raider Anniversary]]. It is necessary to perform such a dodge successfully , before you can perform a [[Headshot]].
* [[Adrenaline Meter]]
: The Adrenalin Meter is a new meter on [[Tomb Raider Underworld]] that appears alongside the [[Health Bar]]. It fills up when battling against enemies.

Main Content

  • next should come the content as given in the Samples
Example: (for baddies)


  • IF the article uses citations, you should add the following to the end of the article, just before the categories list:


  • finish the content by giving the Categories for the article.
[[Category:Name of the Category]]
A list of all Categories can be found here: Special:Categories
Sometimes an article is not just a simple article in a category (most commonly these are disambiguation pages!
To learn how to sort them, please refer to the following manual: Help:Category.

Inter Wiki Language Links

  • last comes the inter-wiki link to the same article in German (leave open if you don't know the title), fill in when it is obviously the same (e.g. names of persons)
[[de:Article Name in German]]

Perfect Name

  • IF the article uses the perfect name, add the {{perfectname}} template right at the end.