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Remark: This article describes the Fuse from the original Tomb Raider. For information about a similar object in Tomb Raider Chronicles, see A Fuse.


The Fuse is an item found in the level Natla's Mines in Tomb Raider.

There are three Fuses to be found in the level, and placing them to their receptacles inside a control room lowers a bungalow, enabling Lara to reclaim her pistols.

In the remake, Tomb Raider Anniversary, the three Fuses were in different colours: Red Fuse, Blue Fuse and Green Fuse.

Locations of the Fuses

  • After passing a set of boulders at the tracks, there's a Fuse lying on the floor of a passageway
  • Another Fuse is lying on the ground of a passageway leading to the cowboy
  • One Fuse is on a conveyor belt, which must be activated by using a nearby Wall Lever to get the Fuse