Crawling Atlanteans

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Crawling Atlantean
Enemy Type regular enemy
Classification Atlantean
Weapons claws, fireballs, darts

Crawling Atlanteans are enemies in Tomb Raider I, Unfinished Business, and Tomb Raider Anniversary, not unlike the Cat Mummies. They lack visible skin or other protection for the musculature of their bodies, exposing muscle and bone. This gives them a skinned or undead appearance.

Tomb Raider

They are normal Atlanteans found in Sanctuary of the Scion, Atlantis and the Great Pyramid levels. In the Egypt levels, they stand posed like the Cat Mummies, and in Atlantis, they hatch out of eggs and chase after Lara. They fire darts, throw fireballs or scratch Lara. As with the Cat Mummies, they are fast. When killed, they explode, sending their limbs in all directions, which explode when they touch any surface.

Tomb Raider Anniversary

In Tomb Raider Anniversary, the Crawling Atlantean is referred to as a 'Soldier'. They can only be seen in the Lost Island levels of Tomb Raider Anniversary, and they throw fireballs. They hatch out of cocoons and attack in groups.


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