Winged Atlanteans

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Winged Atlanteans

Tomb Raider

Unfinished Business

Tomb Raider Anniversary

Enemy Type Regular Enemy
Classification Mutant
Weapons Fireballs

Winged Atlanteans (also Winged Demons or Winged Mutants) are enemies in the original Tomb Raider, its Add-On Unfinished Business and in Tomb Raider Anniversary.


In Tomb Raider and Unfinished Business the Winged Atlanteans have huge, fleshy skin and wings. In Tomb Raider Anniversary their appearance resembles a bit more like a huge, fleshy bat.



The Winged Atlanteans are able to throw fireballs and as their name suggests, fly with their large wings.


The Winged Atlanteans cause a rather large amount of damage with their attacks, and they're hard to ignore since they're really fast and aggressive. So, it's best to use a more powerful weapon against them than the regular pistols.



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