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Pierre DuPont
Died 1996
Nationality French
Occupation Archaeologist/Treasure Hunter
Game(s) Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider Chronicles
Tomb Raider Anniversary

Voice Jim Ward

(in Tomb Raider Anniversary)

Pierre DuPont is a character making his appearances in the original Tomb Raider, in Tomb Raider Chronicles and in Tomb Raider Anniversary.

Lara's first encounter with Pierre DuPont is unknown, as she seemed to know him already when she first met him in the Opera in Rome, in Tomb Raider Chronicles.

It is commonly argued whether the events of Chronicles in Rome happened before the events of Tomb Raider / Tomb Raider Anniversary or not. But chronologically this was their first encounter, as the events of Tomb Raider I / Tomb Raider Anniversary, occurred later in history. [1]


According to the bio pages in Anniversary, Pierre is one of Lara's rivals in the field of archeology, and pursues fame like none other. Much like Lara, Pierre DuPont is frequently credited with major archaeological finds but also accused of tampering with the sites before informing others of the finds. While he presents himself as a professional, consummate archaeologist, the affluent and rich know him for what he really is: a treasure hunter with a talent for getting what people want -- for a price. He has no true passion for discovering the histories of past civilizations or solving the mysteries of history and raids tombs only for profit, selling priceless artifacts illegally to the highest bidder.

Tomb Raider Chronicles

(Events occurred before 1996)

Lara made an arrangement to buy the Mercury Stone from Pierre and his associate Larson Conway. They agreed to meet in an opera house in Rome, Italy.

While discussing the transaction with Larson, Pierre steps in with his pistol loaded. This encounter results in a little fight during which Lara punches Pierre in the face and then flees down to the stage, using the curtain on the way, with the artefact she could manage to get from Larson. Pierre then fires a round of bullets at the stage towards Lara who then storms out of the opera.

In the following scenes Lara is chased though some back alleys behind the opera, riding a motor scooter, followed by Larson and Pierre in a stolen taxi cab. She manages to escape through a lowered gate sliding past underneath.

During the course of the ensuing level she will often encounter the two, and sometimes they will spy on her unnoticed. During one of these events Pierre will prevent Larson from shooting at Lara from the rooftops.

Here most memorable encounter with Pierre during this adventure is when Lara almost fell over the edge of a slope in The Colosseum. She manages to convince Pierre to give her a helping hand, by promising him not to lay a finger on him. After he helps her out of her unfortunate situation, she manages to get behind him and scares him over the edge, simply saying 'boo'. She in turn does not help him up, cruelly honouring the promise not to lay a hand on him. We then hear Pierre fall to his apparent demise.

As we later learn he did not die but made his return in the events of the original Tomb Raider and its remake Tomb Raider Anniversary.

Tomb Raider / Tomb Raider Anniversary

(Events occurred in 1996)

In the story of the original Tomb Raider he will attack Lara for the first time in St. Francis Folly (Level 5) where he lurks between the columns. Lara has to chase him away by shooting back at him.

He will be back when you are in the tower with the doors of Damocles, Thor, Atlas and Neptune. He will shoot at you from below.

Lara will meet him again in the next level Colosseum we will attack her upon entering the amphitheatre itself. He will reappear in the Colosseum at a later time.

Two levels later, in the Cistern Pierre is back again.

Also in the Tomb of Tihocan he is back again. Lara will meet him during the level and again at the end for the final showdown. After bringing him down Lara can collect his Magnums and the second part of the Scion.

Tomb Raider Anniversary

The events of the storyline follow mainly the ones in the original Tomb Raider. However, Pierre is never really fought against. He is seen briefly in cutscenes and heard taunting Lara throughout the Greece section until he's finally confronted by Lara in the Tomb of Tihocan. He puts his pistol on Lara's head and they have a brief discussion on how Lara's instincts have costed her both pieces of the Scion.

An Interactive Cutscene follows, and Perre manages to leave with the secon piece of the Scion. However, as the Centaur Bosses come to life, he changes his mind on having the Scion: "On second thought, you have it!" he yells at Lara, throwing his piece to her, and wishing "Bonne chance". This does not save him from the Centaur Bosses - they trample him to death.

Gone bald!

Pierre's appearance has changed radically for Tomb Raider Anniversary. He returned as completely bald. Complaints by fans are that he looks nothing like the classic Pierre, but rather like Charles Kane.

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